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Designing The Best YOU!

Sep 15, 2020

We are back to basics with this episode:



Applying online has its benefits and disadvantages. You need to shift the way you maneuver online applications and networking. You CANNOT just blindly apply to all of these online listings! There are concrete steps you can take to make your online application...

Sep 8, 2020

How can YOU be the best RESOURCE for your team?

Did you know that there is a HUGE difference between a leader and a manager?


This week, we have guest Clara Capano. As an author, speaker, coach, and consultant, her focus is on unlocking that vision and bringing clarity to their life and goals so that they can take...

Sep 1, 2020

Leading teams in person can be tough...not to mention leading your team VIRTUALLY. 

Not to fear- your work from home expert is here!! 

There are simple things you can do to make your team work WELL, even from afar. Adjusting your leadership style, to the new normal when working and leading for home, will set you and...

Aug 25, 2020

What is your sense of PURPOSE?

Do you feel FULFILLED in your career and life?


Sometimes the journey to finding what you are MEANT to do, is a little bumpy. You have to experience some trial and error to get to that place where you are SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY, and FULFILLED.


Courtney Barrett is a Spiritual 9 to 5 Coach,...

Aug 18, 2020

Are you in a work from home SLUMP?

Are you not your BEST you right now?


Working from home can be the BEST...but also you can get caught in a negative and unproductive cycle.  Your MINDSET and MENTAL HEALTH come first and there needs to be a BALANCE between your well being and your career success. You need to stay on...